Media Consultant

Asia, Media, 1-11 months, Consultant / Job ID: 1011

Asia, Media, 1-11 months, Consultant / Job ID: 1011This center provides materials for outreach and discipleship among tribal people. The center needs someone to help train locals in using software and technology to produce audio and visual materials. Someone skilled in media production particularly recording and editing of audio and video for use in ministry.

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Communication Worker

Asia, Media, 1-11 months / Job ID: 1090

Asia, Media, 1-11 months / Job ID: 1090The goal of this small grassroots community development organisation is to help people grow to their full potential through holistic transformation educational social economic and spiritual. It runs a preschool and after-school learning-support activities with over 200 children in 7 villages and provides micro-credit activities and training support…

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A New Hope Through Television

With the help from God and Interserve Aibek started the first Christian TV Studio in his language which has had a huge impact on the country bringing life and hope to those who live in the hard places.

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Aibeks Testimony

The testimony of the man who aimed for the influence of Christian television to reach even the most remote villages.

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Mission and the Media

Urban Vision Partner Jenny Taylor writes about her work with Lapido Media a media organisation which aims to portray a more realistic view of the importance of faith in public life.

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