About the Unseen 


Maybe you’re someone wondering where to “go,” where to plant your life. Consider this: More than half of the world’s population has never met a follower of Jesus—4.3 billion people!

Sure, they may have heard of Jesus, but they have never seen “the way of Jesus” lived out before them. They haven’t seen his compassion or gentleness. They don’t know what it means that he is truth. They need to see his story “in fleshed.”


Mostly they live in Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist contexts in Asia or the Arab World. But for every 100 followers of Jesus who go abroad, roughly 96 move to places where Jesus is already known and loved. Only 4 of those 100 carry his image, his message, to that quarter of the world that is waiting.

Somehow we are blind to them. That quarter of the world is unseen by the church—and that means they remain uncared for. Think about it: These are people our Lord loves, people for whom he died. We need to be with them.

As the body of Christ, we need to work together to change this.

What You Can Do

  • 1. Learn

    First, learn more about the Unseen. To help you learn more, check out this blog post. This post explains why we in Interserve want to get us all looking beyond what we can see from our own windows and learn why we are zeroing in on The Unseen.

  • 2. Pray

    Prayer is a bit of a mystery; but we all know that prayer changes things. God doesn’t want us to be spectators in his agenda to bless the world, he wants our involvement! So, to help you have material to pray intelligently please go to this website. It gives daily updates about what to pray for in the areas where the Unseen live.

  • 3. Advocate

    Become an advocate for the Unseen among your friends, your colleagues, your church. Remember, you are in a minority. Many in the Church simply do not see these 4.3+ billion people. They will not be seen without us advocating for them. To become an advocate, contact us here. We will connect you with one of our Area Coordinators who will guide you as to how you can help your friends and your church see the Unseen.

  • 4. Give

    The Lord generously provides all we need so we can generously provide for what others need. Click here and give what the Lord puts on your heart so that people can go and serve the Unseen. 

  • 5. Go

    Contact us and ask about opportunities to serve among the Unseen. There are short term as well as career opportunities!