Your Gifts Matter

Since 1852, Interserve Partners have been serving in the hard places. Professionally, they help with the practical needs of their adopted country. Spiritually, they represent Christ. It is impossible for them to do this alone. They need you on their team, giving financially, in order to serve those in the countries where God has called them. All donations are tax deductible.

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Other Ways to Give

Give by mail

Please print out the form below and follow its instructions.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form (PDF)

Please mail checks to:

P.O. Box 418
Upper Darby, PA 19082

Give by phone

Call us at (800) 809-4440 and ask for John Melbourne in the finance department.

Enroll in automated (EFT) giving program

There is the option for donors to send monthly support to Partners, Appointees, Projects or the Core Ministry Fund by authorizing Interserve to automatically transfer your donation from your bank to ours.

Please print out the form below, and send it to us with a blank voided check (this provides the information about your bank that we need to set up your automated  deduction).

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form (PDF)

Donate Stock or other investments

Please contact Rob Dolan, Finance Director, at (610) 352-0581 or email him at for more information.


We receive financial support for our Partners and credit it to their accounts. We operate a pooled fund, which allows us to pay their allowance, whether or not enough money has come in for them that month. You may also send a personal gift (non tax-deductible) for birthday, Christmas or other reason. Our Partners often are involved in different ministry projects, which you may give to specifically (tax-deductible).

Financial Support covers expenses such as:

  • Living allowances, housing, and taxes
  • Medical, pension and professional fees
  • Language study for Partners and schooling for their children
  • Ministry expenses, administration and pastoral care


Appointees have been accepted by Interserve USA but have not yet gone out for their first term. Appointees must raise pledges for their complete level of support and all of their one-time expenses (outfitting) before they can go to their place of service. When you donate support for an appointee, you may give either toward support or outfitting expenses, whichever you indicate.

Outfitting expenses includes such start-up costs as:

  • Inoculations, travel papers and initial airfare overseas
  • A computer or special equipment needed for ministry in their particular field of service
  • One month’s living allowance to assist them in out-going preparations

Support includes ongoing expenses that begin on arrival in the place of service such as:

  • Living allowances, housing and taxes
  • Medical, pension and professional fees
  • Language study for Partners and schooling for the children
  • Ministry expenses, administration and pastoral care

On-Trackers (Short Term Partners)

An On-Tracker is one who has decided to do a short term of service (one month to one year). Support for On-Trackers provides for food, housing and other living expenses, plus inoculations, travel papers and airfare to the country of service.


Projects consist of a variety of opportunities to meet specific needs of the people our Partners serve. All projects are approved, and they are supported by designated gifts.

The Core Ministry Fund

By giving to the Core Ministry Fund you invest in all our Partners, and enable us all to:

Champion the needs of the Unseen 1/4
Interserve seeks to spotlight the plight of those in the Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu worlds who have no one to show them what it means to follow Jesus. We are confident that the church will rise to meet the challenge of the Unseen 1/4 once it becomes aware of the need. The Core Ministry Fund provides the finances for developing print and media resources, seminars, and apprenticeships to catalyze awareness.

Disciple hearts for overseas service
Whether through conference presentations or one-on-one mentoring, Interserve invites churches and individuals to intercede with us for the Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu worlds. As God gives them a vision for gospel-hearted service, we seek to come alongside them as they explore how to move forward with their vision. The Core Ministry Fund helps cover the costs of the mobilization team as they travel and disciple the next generation of Partners.

Guarantee uninterrupted support for our Partners
Interserve makes our Partners a promise: “Reach the field and we will ensure you can finish your term even if your support lags or inflation escalates your costs.” The Core Ministry Fund helps undergird our guarantee, freeing Partners from financial concerns so they can concentrate on serving.

Underwrite pastoral care for Partners
Our Partners sere in some of the toughest places in the Arab and Asian worlds. The Core Ministry Fund enables us to get someone to them when they have critical needs and desire pastoral support.

Provide the administrative backbone for our Partners
Interserve carries the burden of insurance forms, donor receipts, tax documentation, prayer letters, and countless other administrative details efficiently and professionally so our Partners can serve unimpeded.

Respond quickly to urgent needs
Your gift to the Core Ministry Fund ensures that we can move nimbly to respond to unexpected challenges.

Privacy Policy Regarding Donors

We do not sell, share or trade any donor’s name or personal information with any other entity. We also do not send mailings to our donors on behalf of any other organization. This policy applies to all information received by Interserve USA, both online and offline, on any platform (“platform”, includes the Interserve USA website and mobile applications), as well as any electronic, written, or oral communications.

ECFA Membership

Interserve USA is committed to ethically using your donations according to our exempt purpose.

Charity Navigator Rating

Charity Navigator is America’s premier independent charity evaluator. We encourage our supporters to view our most recent Charity Navigator rating by clicking on their logo.