Advent Season

The Wise Men, the Star, and Us (An Advent Message)

The Wise Men! Tradition numbers them as three due to the three gifts given to the Christ child: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. If you have seen the Franco Ziffarelli epic, Jesus of Nazareth, you can see how the Wise Men add a wonderfully romantic touch to the birth narrative. Three wealthy men coming out of nowhere, dressed in…

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What time is it? (The Second Sunday of Advent)

The Second Sunday of Advent is just about upon us. This is a time when we intentionally remember and celebrate the first coming of Christ and we think about his second coming. With regard to Jesus’ second coming, some people think a lot about it, while others don’t think much about it. No matter where we stand on that…

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The Christmas Story and the Harshness of Our World

The Christmas season provides us with the opportunity to step back from the harshness of our world and put things in perspective. Hearing about the suffering that Nelson Mandela went through as he opposed the system of apartheid and the tragic murder of Ronnie Smith in Benghazi, Libya last week starkly remind us about the…

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