Some of the struggles we have in going…

We all face numerous struggles in going to and living in another culture. But our struggles are all so normal. What is interesting is to discover that we aren't alone in this. Even the Apostles faced similar struggles in their lives. This post we … [Read more...]

A new world, a new set of values – wrong? or just different?

Homo sum humani a me nihil alienum puto - this is a Latin saying (dating back to 160 BCE) that roughly means “I am a human being, so nothing human is strange to me.” It is a motto advocating for respecting people and cultures that are different from … [Read more...]

How are we to react when we experience opposition?

Our Interserve Partners work in restricted access areas. We call these areas The Hard Places. This is because there is a degree of opposition to biblical faith and to Jesus’ followers in these areas. I encountered this opposition. Though most people … [Read more...]

Crossing Cultures: Who are we becoming?

Living and working interculturally can take its toll on our emotions. There are so many things that are different in a new culture. Simply walking into a store requires emotional energy. Stores in our host countries don’t operate the same like stores … [Read more...]