Some of the struggles we have in going…

We all face numerous struggles in going to and living in another culture. But our struggles are all so normal. What is interesting is to discover that we aren't alone in this. Even the Apostles faced similar struggles in their lives. This post we … [Read more...]

Seeing, Feeling, Changing: Compassion Unleashed

One of the characteristics of the prophets was that they could feel the pain of others: they could feel the pain God felt; they could feel the pain that their own people would feel when they came face to face with the judgment that was awaiting them … [Read more...]

The Wise Men, the Star, and Us (An Advent Message)

The Wise Men! Tradition numbers them as three due to the three gifts given to the Christ child: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. If you have seen the Franco Ziffarelli epic, Jesus of Nazareth, you can see how the Wise Men add a wonderfully romantic … [Read more...]

How are we doing? Not so well.

In Matthew 28 Jesus said: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me, go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (that is, all peoples). These words of Jesus should cause all of us who claim to follow him to pause. I am sure it … [Read more...]

A note about statistics

Statistics about workers and the work in restricted access areas are difficult to come by; and they are difficult to validate. This is why we limit our use of them. However, statistics are a useful tool. They help us visualize the world around … [Read more...]


Today we read the below prayer in our devotions. It is from "The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions." May you be blessed as we were. O Lover to the Uttermost, MAY I read the meltings of thy heart to me in the manger … [Read more...]

A new world, a new set of values – wrong? or just different?

Homo sum humani a me nihil alienum puto - this is a Latin saying (dating back to 160 BCE) that roughly means “I am a human being, so nothing human is strange to me.” It is a motto advocating for respecting people and cultures that are different from … [Read more...]

Facing our Fears: A Christ-like Response to Terrorist Attacks

The terrorist attacks in Brussels confront us with new challenges. The challenges our government will face is how to stop such kinds of terrorist attacks from happening. For those of us who are not working in those government agencies tasked with our … [Read more...]

“Life right now”: Notes from an Unseen Short Termer

Two realities in my life have ruined me – impoverished children and the Gospel. I use the word "ruined" because these two have been serious game-changers in my life. God has called Christians to build his kingdom here and to minister to the … [Read more...]

Where does the vision to go overseas come from?

One question that arises from time to time when talking with people is this: Where does the vision to go overseas and work come from? This is a very good question! As I listen to people, it appears to arise in different ways. One of the more … [Read more...]