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We help people use their professional skills to bring life and hope to the people of Asia and the Arab World.

Provide Medical Care for the Neediest

Transform the Economy of a Community

Bring Clean Water to a Whole Village

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Authenticity + Mission

Life is about more than just financial success or professional esteem

You’ve found your identity in Jesus Christ and want to live a life rooted in his story. You want to live a life that makes plain his heart for the wounded, the poor, the marginalized, because his love brings transformation. Knowing him changes everything.

The problem is you don’t see yourself as a typical overseas Christian worker.

You are a regular person with real-world professional skills who wants your faith to be integrated into your life, your work and everything you do.

You don’t want to put your training on the shelf. You yearn to find like-minded professionals who value excellence and are committed to creatively using their skills and expertise for the good of local people.

We think you belong with Interserve.

The Interserve team experience was one of the highlights of my year as an OnTracker.  The team welcomed me to the country and supported me. Our team members were from all over the world, with a shared desire to work in this country--and I loved learning about a new culture through such a variety of cultural perspectives. 

-Short-term partner in Southeast Asia

When we were in the hard places we knew that Interserve was behind us, taking care of us and all the details, so that we could focus on the work God had for us.

Interserve's commitment to unity in diversity is a witness to who God is and an important reminder that we should be peacemakers and bringers of reconciliation as his servants.

-Veteran partner in Central Asia


Servants for the hard places

Interserve is an organization of Christ-following professionals who are committed to being servants for the hard places. We have been working in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia for 165 years.

We have well-established teams of individuals from over 20 nations who support each other while serving in healthcare, local business and government support roles, working alongside the local people for the good of the community.

How To Join Interserve

1. Click "Tell Me More"

We will connect you with a veteran Interserve member to answer your questions, help you determine where you would best fit, and, if you want,  send you a formal application. Once that’s approved, we will place you on a team.

2. Preparation

All Interserve members receive cross-cultural and spiritual training through our Candidate Orientation. Most of our team members need to fundraise to cover their salary; we guide you in how to raise support.

3. Join Your Team

Upon arriving in your host country you will be connected to your team which will help you get settled, teach you local customs and mentor you in your service role.

Make a Meaningful Impact in the World

Our Philosophy of Serving

  • We believe that work, interpersonal relationships, and faith are meant to be fully integrated.
  • We believe we are healthier and more effective when supported and connected to a team of like-minded people.
  • Our primary focus is on the unseen and neglected people in Asia and the Arab world.
  • We believe that respect, understanding, and appreciation of other cultures is important for cross-cultural service, and are committed to learning and addressing our cultural blind-spots.
  • We share and emphasize the common beliefs of our Christian faith. We are a field-led, international, interdenominational organization.

lnterserve USA is the United States office of lnterserve International. There are Interserve offices in thirteen different countries. The Interserve overseas service teams are multinational, made up of members from Interserve offices around the world.

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One quarter of the world has never met a follower of Jesus.

Don't grow old wondering "Could I have made a difference?"
Treasures on earth are temporary; make a difference that will last forever.