Foster Hope and Life

Use your social work skills to serve marginalized people  who may have never seen the love of Jesus lived out.

Years of war and high levels of stressful life experiences like poverty and family violence mean more than 50% of the population here live with high levels of distress. 

Community Development, Central Asia

I believe that God wants to see Christians not only reach out to the vulnerable, but reach out in ways that are helpful, relevant and competent.

Interserve Partner and Social Worker, South East Asia

Listening with respect

I see myself more as a Jack-of-all-trades than a specialist. I spent more of my working life raising children than in my profession. In my new country, I work in ‘support.’ I do not run any projects myself. ‘Support’ for me may mean collating clinical data, making cushions, dolls and straps for disability work, applying…

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Software and Social Work

OSCaR is one of those things that’s hard to write about. It’s a social work case management and database software package. It doesn’t tug at your heartstrings like rehabilitating drug users, or rescuing people from trafficking, or reuniting children with their families. It’s certainly not what I had in mind when our family left Australia…

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The spirit in the room

Courage is highly esteemed in the Middle East, but underlying that, and rarely talked about, is extreme fear about the spirit world, particularly within folk Islam. Muslims and Christians alike recognise that unseen spiritual forces of the heavenly realms are constantly at work. Every now and then, however, we see the beautiful fruit of new…

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Srey Mom’s story

When I first arrived in South East Asia, this is what I thought underage sex work looked like: a ‘pimp’ visits a poor family struggling to make ends meet. He kindly offers to give the teenage daughter a good job in a city restaurant. When the girl arrives in the big city she is instead…

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We're international and interdenominational, and our teams provide strong support. Our vision is to see lives and communities transformed through encounter with Jesus Christ.

West Asia

Refugee Center Volunteer

Serve at a refugee center welcoming and assisting the displaced using a trauma-informed approach.

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Central Asia

Research Advisor

Help heal the wounds of trauma. Identify needs, develop training materials, and provide support and mentoring to locals as they develop their counseling skills.

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Arab World

Social Worker

Join a team serving people on the margins—victims of abuse, prisoners, abandoned mothers. Plan, implement and evaluate projects. Mentor and train local staff.

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Southeast Asia

Youth Counselor

Come alongside youth who have relocated to an urban environment far from their villages. Help them adjust and grow into well-balanced young adults.

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