The Interserve USA Team


Executive Director

Director of Personnel and Training

Finance Director

Director of Communications

On-Track Coordinator (short-term)

Career Track Coordinator

Area Coordinators and Mobilizers

We have a nine-member personnel team spread across the United States. One of them is near you!

They have deep cross-cultural experience and are skilled mentors. They would love to talk to you personally or give a presentation at your church.  Just fill out the "Apply to Interserve" of "Contact Us" form, and someone from your area will contact you.

Finance Team

Our five-member finance team helps ensure our Partners are resourced and have administrative support. They would be delighted to help you as well if you have questions about your donations. Just use the "Contact Us" form to alert them to your question.


The Interserve USA Leadership

Executive Director

Mark is determined to follow Christ wherever he leads and to invite others to do the same. His own trek has taken him from entrepreneur to pastor to global ambassador. Mark launched an IT consulting business and pastored a church in Minnesota before moving with his family to Ukraine. There he taught business at a university, started a school for English learners, and began a church. That small church then trained and sent a hundred believers out as ambassadors for Jesus. Returning to the States, Mark served as COO for Entrust. His wife, Kim, has partnered with him in all his endeavors, including raising three boys overseas.

Director of Personnel and Training

A graduate of Calvin College and Westminster Theological Seminary, Mike is entranced by the big narrative of God’s restoring all things through Christ and our role in that as divine image bearers. Mike brings skills honed teaching seminary students, managing international partnerships for Biblica, and developing a fellowship program for the Coalition of Christian Outreach. Mike is married to a TCK turned medical school professor. Together they have raised three children in a multi-ethnic neighborhood.

Finance Director

Rob came to Interserve in 1994. He has a passion for using his financial training to aid Christian enterprises. Before joining Interserve, Rob was Executive Vice President of Evangelical Ministries in Philadelphia, PA, and also worked at Sun Company. He graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Business Administration. Rob and his wife, Linda, a nurse, have a daughter.

Director of Communications

A philosopher by training, Terri loves stories of how God breaks in, shattering our epistemological barriers as he calls all nations to himself. She has taught philosophy at the undergraduate level, edited publications, and served as Special Projects Leader at Tenth Presbyterian Church. The mother of five children, she is married to a Brazilian-born, New Testament professor.

The Interserve USA Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

  • President:  Mark D
    Business Retiree | Michigan
  • Vice-President:  Selina L
    OB/GYN MD | Texas
  • Secretary: John S
    International Development Specialist | New York
  • Treasurer:  David E
    Attorney | New York


  • Nancy H
    Global Talent Sourcer | New York
  • Albert H
    Pastor | California
  • Jeena J
    Engineer | Michigan
  • Don J
    Administrator | Florida
  • Charles K
    Attorney | New York
  • Laura L
    Physician | Pennsylvania
  • John L
    Educator | New York
  • Joseph L
    Medical School Professor | Kansas
  • Sang P
    Dentist | California
  • Dan R
    Business Leader | Georgia
  • Alex S
    Software Product Management | California