Touching the Unclean

Even though Paul referred to Christ’s followers as saints, at least in western cultures we shy away from using the word.  It is only used by those in high church traditions for those historic figures whom the Church deemed worthy of special … [Read more...]

Vital Statistics

Here are some vital statistics to think and pray about: In 1974, 87% of the world's population lived beyond the reach of having a near neighbor as a Christian. In 2014 86% of those around the globe who were Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu did not … [Read more...]

How to see the Unseen?

Today's post is about the Unseen in our world. Although the vast majority of the Unseen are very distant from us, we happen to walk right by some of them every day. Since we walk right by them, why don’t we see them? This is a good question and I … [Read more...]

Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things

Those who walk with God through life discover one incredible truth. Ordinary people end up doing extraordinary things. Think about it. Abraham and Sarah were in their 70s and they had no children. In following the Lord they helped shaped the course … [Read more...]

When we are weak – Reflections from 1 Peter

Whether we realize it or not, when we go overseas, we go with a significant level of social power. We are not used to thinking about ourselves in this way. We try to maintain a position of humility and think that we are nothing. However, we … [Read more...]

Comfort for those who mourn

I was reading through William Barclay's commentary on Matthew. He has some thoughts about the second beatitude on the Sermon on the Mount that just blessed me. This is a synopsis of what he wrote: Blessed are those who mourn - When people go to … [Read more...]