Covid-19 and Our Partners

Covid-19 has turned the world topsy-turvy. We wanted to share with you this note from our Executive Director answering questions you might have: 

What about Interserve Partners overseas?

Here’s some of what we’re hearing:

“My program is quite busy preparing for responding to the pandemic.  The ‘wave’ hasn’t hit yet. For now I still will remain here. It’s not clear that there’s a safer place to be right now and we have opportunities to share hope here.” 

from a Doctor in an under-resourced country

Every time I wash my hands, I think about those living without the luxury of running water or good hospitals. Our Partners are overseas because they want to address those types of needs in Jesus’ name. Our experience now in the US makes us appreciate the kind of courage and confidence in God they’ve shown.

What are we doing?

  • We are keeping close tabs on our Partners. I personally have emailed each one. In addition, they all are part of country teams that have covenanted to care for one another. We know you love them very much, and so do we.
  • We are encouraging them to stay in step with the Spirit. I know other ministries are writing saying they have instructed their staff not to travel or to limit contact. We have not issued such directives. We have asked people to exercise caution, use good sense, and rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance. Many work in the medical field, and they are gearing up for the coming wave of this pandemic. They need our prayers. 
  • We are placing our confidence in God. Ultimately, their lives—and ours too—are in his hands. We are called to show the kind of self-giving love that God demonstrated in Christ. For many of us right now, that means limiting social contact and working from home. Pray with us that the Spirit will guide our Partners to know how, in their contexts, to best express Christ’s love. 
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