As the storm rages

The other night my husband and I were reading the Jesus Storybook Bible with our son, Caleb. We had gotten to the story of the disciples and Jesus being caught in a big storm. Lighting lit up the sky, thunder crashed, and waves towered. The little fishing boat with Jesus and the disciples was blown and buffeted; tossed and turned. The disciples were straining and pulling; trying to stay alive. But the storm was too big for them. Jesus was fast asleep in the boat. The disciples turned to him and screamed, “Wake up! Quick, Jesus, rescue us, Save us!” Jesus turned to the storm and said, “Hush”. Everything calmed, the wind and the water were still. The disciples were shocked. Jesus turned to them, and asked, “Why are you scared? Did you forget who I Am? Did you believe your fears instead of me?”

After this story I told Caleb, “These bad germs that are all around us are like that storm. We need Jesus to help us.” Caleb then looked at us and said, “Let’s pray.” Without a pause he prayed, “Dear Jesus please make the storm of the bad germs go away!” Then he gave us both a big smile and started playing with the car he had in his hand. My husband and I looked at each other. We both realized that Caleb had the simple kind of faith that we were missing.

The past 6 weeks have felt like a continual storm. Maybe more like a hurricane. I know the news has spread worldwide of the devastating impact Covid-19 is having here. I am sure pictures, and headlines have come your way. The country’s largest city was hit first with rising cases, and then from there the virus spread. We were put back into lockdown at the beginning of April. During the first week of that lockdown my mother-in-law started having symptoms of Covid-19. We had all been together for 2 days to celebrate her birthday, so we knew all of us were at risk. Hospitals were overflowing, medicine was scarce, and oxygen was in short supply. It was a scary two weeks. By grace from above, the rest of us did not develop symptoms. She was able to be treated at home by a doctor friend. At one point my husband was asked to quickly find an oxygen cylinder for his mom. Miraculously he did. Her immune system rallied; and she recovered. We were grateful, yet our hearts were heavy. The headlines began to hit home as we received news of those we knew who had lost their lives. First one message; and then countless from friends, and those hard at work here in the country that we love.

This past weekend the storm hit home again. Six of the young adults we serve–all without families–tested positive for Covid-19. Three of these young adults are HIV positive. I cried above, “These are your kids Father, I don’t want to lose them; you have got to help!” Miraculously we were able to find a doctor, we were able to get medicine, and we were able to find a caterer who would provide nutritious meals right to the young adult’s doorstep. The young adults are feeling scared, unwell, bored, hot, and frustrated. Our team has pulled together to show the young adults they are loved through care packages, calls, and virtual games and activities. May 22 is when the young adults and their roommates will be released from quarantine; each day feels so long for them, and for us.

Yesterday, I was reading through a poem in my favorite Book. The poem shared about terrible storms. In dire moments, those caught in the midst of life threatening circumstances cried to the Father, and he delivered them. Being rescued helped those individuals to understand in a whole new way the Father’s unfailing love for them. It is my prayer that in this storm our ravaged country meets the Savior, that we all discover how loved we are, and that the Savior calms this storm. As the storm rages on, will you ask above that we don’t believe our fears; but instead believe in our Rescuer.

Written by an Interserve Partner serving in Asia.