Don’t go it alone

Maybe you’ve been perusing international job listings during work breaks or staying up late  googling “overseas employment.” Perhaps you feel so burdened for the quarter of the world that has never seen the love of Jesus lived out, that you just want to pull up stakes and move.

Why connect with us? Why not just get a job overseas and relocate?

Simply this: You’ll be more effective if you join our community. After 167 years working in Asia and the Arab world, we have developed a deep understanding of the places we work, and you need friends on your journey.

We aren’t some big impersonal company; we are a network of people who deeply value the cultures and peoples we serve. When you join us, you’ll start on a path of formal training designed to help you become more culturally aware. But you’ll also enter a web of relationships that allows us to come alongside you and share what we know as you need it.

You’ll benefit from:

  1. Connection with people who have already been working in the region and can help you understand the context and offer you support.
  2. Training in cross-cultural communication that will help you know how to express your faith in ways those in your new country can understand.
  3. Involvement with multi-cultural Partners who can help you break out of your own cultural near-sightedness.
  4. Multi-national leadership that understands the need to enter our new contexts as servants.
  5. Well-articulated theology of suffering, security training, and experience in dealing with crisis situations.

We’ve seen the errors of colonialism and the-white-knight-syndrome and we’ve structured ourselves as a multicultural community committed to partnership and accountability. We want to show the world what it looks like when brothers and sisters of different nationalities humbly work together under the headship of Christ.

We’d like to help you on your trek, and we invite you to join us.