Regional Profile

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was formed in 1947 when British India was divided into East and West Pakistan and India in order to meet the need of Muslims in British India for their own Muslim states.

In 1974 East Pakistan seceded and formed Bangladesh. West Pakistan then became the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. India and Pakistan are still in conflict over the border in Kashimir.

More about Pakistan:

  • Asif Ali is the head of government of over 140 million people. The government qnd military leaders are struggling to control domestic insurgents, many of whom arelocated in the tribal areas adjacent to the borders of Afghanistan.
  • Urdu is the official language but is the mother tongue of only a minority of people with Punjabi being the most widely used language. English as well as Sindhi and other languages are also used depending on the area.
  • About 97% of the people are Muslim with the rest being Hindu and a smaller number of Christians.

Service Focus

Opportunities in Pakistan include:

  • Educators both for expatriate children as well as local schools and universities
  • Partnering with other organizations to increase effective student work
  • English as a Foreign Language
  • Medical and Dental educators and practitioners
  • Nursing educators and practitioners
  • Community development
  • Business education
  • Youth work and leadership training
  • Theological and pastoral work

Prayer Focus

  • Pray for unity among the Christians.
  • Pray that the persecution of Christians will be stopped