Orthotics specialist

ProfessionMedical / Health
Duration1-11 months
Job ID1412
DateJune 18, 2022

This project has served for many years in the rehabilitation of children affected by disability. Our vision is That all may have abundant life our purpose Serve God through serving the poor. Round 2000 children are seen annually at the hospital central clinic and 4000 in community clinics. Over 500 assistive devices were produced last year and nearly 400 club feet were treated by the Ponsetti method.

The rehab center staff including one pediatric doctor (part-time) a pediatric rehab physio and an occupational therapist would welcome a qualified orthotist with pediatric experience to come and initiate a service for CP chidren and complicated club-feet children. We need to start making our own AFOs (ankle foot orthoses). At present children are sent to a center approximately 1 hour away by vehicle but the quality of the work there is not good and the splints often break. We need someone to set up a small workshop within the assistive devices work and train local staff.

You need pediatric experience in making orthotics and an interest in training local staff to provide such services on an ongoing basis. Flexibility and willingness to work at practical solutions with limited resources are essential qualities