Software Development Engineer

ProfessionInformation Technology
Duration1-11 months, 12-23 months, 2+ years, Consultant
Job ID1343
DateJuly 15, 2023

We are a company that provides outsourced custom software solutions for clients in Indonesia and Australia. This involves programming and development in a range of technologies including ReactJS PHP and .NET. With the work we do we also aim to provide local graduates and interns with the training and skills they need to develop their skills in the IT industry.

We require someone who has skills experience and knowledge in software development to help with project management and staff training. We are looking for a person who not only loves to share their IT knowledge but who desires to share their life and faith with the people they are working with.

This could be a full time long term role or a just a short term project-based role. This could either be someone who is available just once or someone who could return on a regular basis. Basic local language would be desirable but it is possible to do the role using English.