Interserve International Priorities: 2010-2014

This document provides an outline overview of the vision God has given Interserve for a new generation within the parameters of five priority areas: deepening spirituality, building community, growing in fruitfulness, serving the church and operational development. The complete booklet entitled Following Christ: Among the Peoples of Asia and the Arab Worldis available upon request.

Operating Principles and Organizational Values

Our values and operating principles are rooted in our relationship with God. Our distinctive culture is described in who we are and how we aspire to grow in the ways we live and work as a fellowship through: prayer and worship, wholistic ministry, being flexible, local leadership, partnerships, discipleship, participation within the life of the fellowship and a priority on the marginalized. These operating principles are partnered with the core beliefs that govern our behaviors: inclusivity, integrity, humility, relationship and service.

God’s Big Idea BookletWholistic Mission PowerPoint 

Interserve Vision and Practice Series

In wholistic mission we are called to join God in his purpose, his mission. In this booklet we re-examine our understanding of the term ‘wholistic mission,’ the theology behind it, and how we can become a part of ‘God’s big idea’.

Together With God: Working with The Church

Interserve Vision and Practice Series

Interserve has always been committed to working with, and within, the church. This booklet contains an overview of how Interserve relates to the global church as, together with God, we strive for the expansion of Christ’s kingdom.

Is There Something Wrong with Integral Mission?

 By David Teague

This leaflet is a response to individuals who may be concerned that the service aspect of integral mission has at present and will in the future replace speaking of Christ. The author proposes spiritual decay as a far greater concern contributing to a loss of verbal proclamation. Integral mission is the natural result of spiritually fit followers of Jesus.

The Cape Town Commitment

Important document that expresses the beliefs of the broader evangelical mission community of which we are a part.