What Makes Interserve Distinctive

  • International: Interserve is an international organization with 14 national councils and over 800 cross-cultural workers – whom we refer to as Partners.  An International Leadership ensures the development of the fellowship’s purpose, vision, direction, standard and systems. Each entity is responsible to implement these on behalf of the whole fellowship, developing them in ways that are contextually appropriate.
  • Inclusive: We celebrate the diversity that exists in the Body of Christ and welcome the distinctives that each denomination brings to our fellowship.  We welcome a rich diversity of cultures, providing opportunity for growth and learning. We also affirm that women and men share in the full range of ministry and leadership roles.
  • Wholistic: We believe that mission is our participation at God’s invitation and command in God’s goal to redeem God’s creation.  Therefore, our participation is wholistic, embracing the whole context of the individuals and communities we serve.
  • Embedded: Our Partners work in the heartlands of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism.  These are areas where roughly ninety percent of the world’s unreached peoples live and only three percent of Christian workers serve.  Since these contexts are significantly different from ours, we emphasize that long-term, career service is the best way to effectively serve the peoples of these areas and glorify God.
  • Discipleship Focused: Being and making disciples cannot be separated from each other. Therefore, we are committed to the personal growth and development of our Partners. In addition, we are committed to seeing the transformation of individuals and communities in our areas of service through their encounter and ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Since this transformation begins and expands at the relational level, it is natural that the sharing of our gifts, knowledge, experience, and walk with Christ take place in the context of our interpersonal relationships.
  • Extension of the Church:  Local bodies of believers, here and abroad, are God’s vehicles for mission.  For churches in the USA, Interserve acts as a facilitator and extension of their involvement in worldwide service.  While abroad, Partners identify with and support the development of local churches in their areas of service.