We in Interserve are shaped by our evangelical roots. Meaningful interaction about our Lord and actively expressed compassion define us and shape our vision. Our vision is to see individuals and communities transformed through their encounter with Jesus.

Our vision includes communities because all of us exist in a series of relationships. It is in the context of our relationships that we grow and flourish. The problem each one of us faces is that sin impairs and even mars the potential of our relationships. Since we exist in community and our relationships are so vital for our development, Jesus wants to transform us not only as individuals but also as communities.


We are educators, doctors, nurses, community development workers, administrators and more, serving in a variety of capacities in hospitals, clinics, community health programs, non-government organizations, schools, businesses, universities, seminaries, and churches. We seek to serve in locations and roles where we can make a real difference to the Unseen.


The compassion of Jesus motivates us to seek justice for the Unseen. For example, some of us provide direct assistance to those who have been trafficked, as well as helping local communities protect those at risk of being trafficked. Others of us help poor communities increase their capacity to develop themselves. Some of us have our own businesses. We create healthy work environments so that our employees can see the difference that Christ makes, even in competitive contexts. We use our gifts and talents in many different ways as we pursue the vision the Lord has given us.