The Unseen 1/4

The Unseen Quarter

Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu peoples comprise around 3.3 billion people out of the world’s population of 7.25 billion. How can it be that only 3 percent of all Christians workers work among these peoples? If only 3% of all Christian workers work among them, then clearly 1/4 of the world’s population has no personal access to a follower of Christ. If most people come to faith through interacting with other believers, then how will these unreached have any chance to hear about what Christ has done for them? This is unbelievable at a time when international travel is so easy.

How can this be? It is because this 1/4 remains unseen by the Church. Being unseen, they remain uncared for. Yet, these are people whom God loves and for whom Christ died. So, what should our response be to this? Well, our first response should be making a commitment to see this statistic changed!

You are reading this webpage because you want to be involved in changing this. To help see this statistic changed there are five options open to each and everyone of us: 1) learn, 2) pray, 3) advocate, 4) give, and 5) go.

First, learn more about the Unseen 1/4. To help you learn more, check out this blog post:   This post explains why we in Interserve want to get us all looking beyond what we can see from our own windows and learn why we are zeroing in on The Unseen Quarter.

Discovering the Unseen journal coverWe have released a new reflective study journal which can help you catch the vision for the unengaged and unreached peoples of the world. It is Discovering the Unseen. It’s designed for individual or group use and includes daily questions for individual reflection and weekly group-oriented activities. It is available from our Books and CDs page.


Prayer is a bit of a mystery; but we all know that prayer changes things. God doesn’t want us to be spectatorsWorld Map in his agenda to bless the world, he wants our involvement! So, to help you have material to pray intelligently please go to this website. It gives daily updates about what to pray for in the areas where the Unseen 1/4 live:

Become an advocate for the Unseen 1/4 among your friends, your colleagues, your church. Remember, you are in a minority. Many in the Church simply do not see these 2+ billion people. They will not be seen without us advocating for them. To become an advocate, contact us at this link:  We will connect you with one of our Area Directors who will guide you as to how you can help your friends and your church see the Unseen 1/4.

The Lord generously provides all we need so we can generously provide for what others need. Follow this link and give what the Lord puts on your heart so that people can go and serve the Unseen:

Contact us and ask about opportunities to serve among the Unseen 1/4. There are short term as well as career opportunities!