Stories of real people currently “Serving in Hard Places”

Below are stories from people who are serving…

The People Who Stayed
It did not take long for the glamour to wear off. The memory of the applause of friends back home was soon drowned out by the thunder of Migs bombing the city where we lived, the terrified screams of children on the street…“Click here to read more about the people who stayed.”

Special Education Professionals
Joelle is a special education consultant with a secular NGO in South Asia. She shares the love of Christ by teaching students… “click to read more about Joelle”

Jill is studying Arabic in Arab World. Although her current focus is learning the language, a key skill for international mission work, she still has a ministry focus and seeks to minister to locals through tutoring and friendship…“click to read more about Jill”

Clair is a teacher and church planter in Asia. She always dreamed of becoming a teacher, but never envisioned using her professional skills overseas during her time in college…“click to read more about Clair”

Scott and Jill live in southern Pakistan, where they train a group of national Village Outreach Program workers who work among various Hindu tribal groups…“click to read more about Scott and Jill”

Social Justice Advocates
Nicole works in South East Asia with the national church. In her work, Nicole helps prevent children from being exploited for labor and sex trafficking, both of which are prevalent in the region…“click to read more about Nicole”

Theo is a doctor in Tansen, Nepal. Tansen is a small town, and Theo and his wife Beth live right next to the hospital. Because of the tight-knit nature of the community, Theo doesn’t get a lot of breaks, even when he’s officially not working… “click to read more about Theo and Beth”

Small Business Consultants
Bill and Peggy are working in Central Asia. Peggy is a national believer, and Bill is American. Peggy works to disciple other women in the community, and Bill works in a website design and consulting office… “click to read more about Bill and Pegg”