Tracks: Service and Experience

I have a greater appreciation for culture, my language skills are much greater, I have a better understanding of the needs in Central Asia and how I can use my skill/knowledge as a Physical Therapist to help develop healthcare here.  –Short-Term Physical Therapist–

The service track has a broad emphasis on using one’s training and professional skills for service. Within the generous parameters of this track we are also able to place folks who may not be able to serve overseas for an extended amount of time as a:

Ministry Consultant
Individuals with a specific area of expertise are invited to serve by providing outside perspective and insight to enhance effectiveness and fruitfulness in various projects. Consultants will generally address a specific need identified by a country team, project or organization that Interserve partners with. Once an individual has gone through the application process for OT their name will be added to a roster of consultants and made available for our teams overseas. Maturity and experience at all levels is essential: professional skill, cross-cultural awareness, servanthood and spiritual maturity are all needed. Consultants will then be called upon as needed and will generally serve as they are able for up to four weeks a year.

Returning Professional
Ideal for individuals who want to serve using their professional skills on an annual basis, but are not in a place to become career track workers. Individuals who fall into this category would: have already completed a short-term placement with Interserve, generally return to the same placement year after year, consider their home country as their primary place of residence and be in service overseas for less than six months a year.

EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The experience track has an emphasis on student internships, medical electives and general mission exposure. Traditionally students, individuals with minimal work world experience or those who are new to intercultural mission service choose this track. Within the broad parameters of this track we are also able to place folks in specific programs:

Overseas Medical Elective Program
Our supervised, four to seven week, overseas medical electives are reserved for students in their final year of study at an accredited medical school. Placements are facilitated in partnership with Christian hospitals in the Arab World and Asia. Opportunities outside of our traditional areas of service and time frame occasionally arise. Inquiries and applications should be submitted during the third year to maximize one’s chances for placement.

Explore Health Careers Overseas
The purpose of this awareness tour is to help individuals see the possibilities for future overseas medical service. An interest in medical missions is one of the pre-requisites. This 2 to 4 week trip is ideal for pre-med and medical school students, nursing students, medical residents or those early in their health related studies or career. A trip coordinator with overseas experience can lead groups of 4 to 8 individuals. Cost per person including international airfare and all expenses on the ground overseas will be in the range of $2,000 – $4,000 depending on the experience organized. Organize your group today!