Community Development Worker

ProfessionCommunity Development
Duration1-11 months
Job ID883
DateApril 1, 2021

A number of NGOs are involved in development initiatives in cities and rural areas across this country where there are many physical and social needs. Poverty lack of education and inadequate medical services prevail.

There are opportunities for highly qualified community development workers to come alongside with professional training to support national initiatives in areas such as sanitation agriculture and healthcare education and income generation. Visas are very difficult to obtain for these jobs though so the person should be flexible about doing other jobs or be willing to be under a business visa.

The qualified candidate must have a heart to learn and serve the ability to relate across cultures and in difficult contexts and a willingness to learn the local language and culture to a high level. Having appropriate training and experience in community development s/he will be a team player with a commitment to community engagement and empowerment.