Food Safety Expert

Duration12-23 months, 2+ years
Job ID1475
DateMarch 26, 2021

The NGO based in the capital with two outlying branch offices has a total of 20 staff all locals having a reasonable command of English. They are project- and grant-focused but are trying to shift to a business model with farmers gradually paying for consultation which would then provide 50 of their income. They are working to build the value chain for honey and walnuts through training consultancy certification to HACCP and other food safety standards and organisation of cooperatives. In the near future they will start an agro tourism business. They are facing challenges relating to product quality.

Experience in food safety standards and accreditation.

They are looking for a native English speaker who doesnt have to be qualified. They are willing to host a PhD student — to support their research and provide a visa — if the PhD student was working in the food safety sector and could in return provide advice on food safety to their clients.