ProfessionMedical / Health
Duration2+ years
Job ID1473
DateMarch 26, 2021

The NGO was started in 1996 to address issues of under-employment among women. They started training women in agriculture and learned that many husbands were leaving for work in other countries but were being illegally trafficked. So they started education on immigration rights. According to the director religious extremism is a growing issue which they wish to address.

They are interested in a trained counselor or psychologist to work with women and young men who are the victims of trafficking religious extremism domestic violence and other issues.

They are looking for someone willing to make a long-term commitment as building relationships and understanding how people communicate takes a long time. A willingness to learn the language is essential but you could also work through a translator. Proficiency in language to be able to work without a translator could take 5+ years.