Facing our Fears: A Christ-like Response to Terrorist Attacks

The terrorist attacks in Brussels confront us with new challenges. The challenges our government will face is how to stop such kinds of terrorist attacks from happening. For those of us who are not working in those government agencies tasked with our … [Read more...]

Weaving Ourselves into The Beloved

We, as followers of Christ, have a way of storying ourselves to others in order to describe who we are. We story ourselves in this way: We are broken, flawed, imperfect, on a journey. Even our cultural icons who are not following Christ story … [Read more...]

Our Beloved and His Story

I recently had the privilege of speaking at a conference. The attendees were overseas workers. This and the next posts will be the messages that I gave. INTRODUCTION Thank you for this honor of sharing God’s Word with you all. Over the next few … [Read more...]


Many of us have been deceived. Our cultures teach us that real power is instantly demonstrable. Our notion of power is shaped by quick military victories, by bombs exploding, by sports teams winning in two hours, by business people getting things … [Read more...]

The Unseen 1/4

I was recently in a large church. Posted in the back of the church was a large map of the world listing all the workers they supported. All but one worked in North and South America, Europe, Central and South Africa, and Australia. That one exception … [Read more...]

Being inclusive is not easy

In our passport countries our churches have a particular way of interpreting Scripture, a certain style of worship, and a particular organizational model. The characteristics that make our church or our denomination distinct are important to us. One … [Read more...]

Advent 2013: How are we waiting? (Matthew 1)

Christmas is coming. On December 1st we entered the Advent season. Advent is a Latin word and means coming. This is the time in the church calendar when we intentionally remember Jesus’ first coming and anticipate His second coming. The theme for the … [Read more...]