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($8 for orders of 5 or more)
God is at work, even in the hardest of places. From North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, Naomi Reed has collected stories of Interserve Partners that will build faith and inspire you to action.


journal cover photo
($10 for orders of 5 or more)
This reflective study journal helps you catch the vision for the unengaged and unreached peoples of the world.
Discovering the Unseen first examines God’s heart for the nations, and then presents personal stories from the Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist worlds. This study journal can be done individually or used by small groups (Sunday School Classes or evening fellowships). It includes daily questions for individual reflection, and weekly group-oriented activities.




Resources authored or edited by current and former Interserve USA intercultural workers.


Book Cover KrayerPatrick Krayer, PhD


My Mother’s Sons provides a thoughtful model for how Western Christian workers can respectfully negotiate sexual boundaries and norms in Muslim contexts. Westerners are inclined to impose their own culturally shaped notions of gender equality and justice on non-egalitarian communities, alienating the very people they are seeking to serve.


As Long as You Give Me Breath

Paul Stock
CD $15.00 Cassette $10.00
On July 13, 2002, Dale Stock, an Interserve Partner serving in Pakistan, drowned while saving some children in a lake. In tribute to Dale’s life and ministry, his brother Paul offers this collection of original songs.

God, Guy & I

Betty Geissler Wanner
In June 1951 Betty Geissler set sail for India and a job as a nurse at the Christian Hospital in Jhansi. This memoir chronicles her journey of faithful service to the Lord and an unexpected romance and marriage to R. Guy Wanner.

Godly Servants: Discipleship and Spiritual Formation for Missionaries

David Teague
GODLY SERVANTS equips mission workers with a systematic approach to their own spiritual growth. It helps new recruits to know how to spiritually prepare for mission service, and it provides practical encouragement for veteran workers who may feel dry and depleted. You can see more about the book (including a summary) at

Jesus in a New Age, Dalai Lama World: Defending and Sharing Christ with Buddhists

M. Tsering
A practical guide to sharing Christ with anyone whose religion is Tibetan Buddhism: the American college student who is “into Dharma,” the Sherpa trekking guide in Nepal, or the Mongol in Tibetan Central Asia.


The lives of doctors Thomas and Cynthia Hale are living testimonies of the way God has called His servants to utilize their professional skills in ministry to others. May these captivating stories and commentaries challenge you to invest your life in His service.

The Applied N.T. Commentary

Thomas Hale
The wisdom found in God’s Word is timeless. The challenge for believers remains unchanged: how do we apply these truths to our everyday world? This series is a fresh approach to Bible study, connecting great wisdom with our life today. Each Scripture passage is enhanced with insights on key themes and ideas. Featured articles provide a deeper look at essential concepts, while the contemporary language allows for easy reading. Also included are perspectives from leading theologians from all backgrounds and denominations. This interactive approach to Scripture will challenge your ideas and build your faith.

The Applied O.T. Commentary

Thomas Hale
This second volume from Tom Hale is the perfect companion to The Applied New Testament Commentary. A must have reference tool with rich insights as you study the Old Testament.

Light Dawns in Nepal

Light Dawns cover
Thomas Hale
This is the story of the International Nepal Fellowship… a story about ordinary people used by God to do the impossible.  Foreigners and Christians were barred from the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal for almost two hundred years.  In 1952, a young British missionary doctor in India, after years of waiting, working and praying, set foot in Nepal.

A Light Shines in Central Asia

Thomas Hale
The story of ordinary Christians doing extraordinary things for God in the most exotic corners of Buddhist Central Asia.

On the Far Side of Liglig Mountain

Thomas Hale
Dr. Hale recounts his often amazing (and sometimes almost unbelievable) experiences in bringing western medicine to people who distrust – even fear – the introduction of ideas different from their own.

Don’t Let the Goats Eat the Loquat Trees

Thomas Hale
A great mix of humor, pathos and love, which captures the joys and realities of missionary life in Nepal.

Living Stones of the Himalayas

Thomas Hale
A fascinating account of everyday and sometimes incredible experiences mingled with humor, understanding and love for humanity.


Resources for the ‘goer’ and ‘sender’.

I Think God Wants Me to Be a Missionary

Neal Pirolo
Prompted by the high attrition rate of missionaries who do not first “count the cost” of cross-cultural ministry, Neal Pirolo offers this book to help candidates look closely at scores of issues that should be clarified long before they say, “Good-bye.” In an easy-to-read style of dialog, four young people represent thousands of people who are making that statement: I think God wants me to be a missionary!

Reentry Team

Neal Pirolo
A must read for church leaders and laymen alike. Its practical wisdom will assist the church in receiving back the ones they have sent out.

Serving as Senders

Neal Pirolo
As an ordinary human being interested in missions yet called to stay at home, how can you get involved in the Great Commission of world evangelization? Neal Pirolo makes the point that “senders” are as crucial to the cause of missions as frontline missionaries and gives practical guidance to those who are so called.