Regional Profile

Mongolia came out from under the grip of the former USSR in 1990 after a peaceful revolution and since then has been more accessible to the outside world.

It is a vast country situated between Russia and China. It is only just a bit smaller than the State of Alaska but the population is small 2.6 million [CIA – The World Factbook].

More about Mongolia:

  • Chief of state: President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj [CIA The World Factbook]
  • Religions include Tibetan Buddhist Lamaism 96%, Muslim (primarily in the southwest), Shamanism, and Christian 4% (1998) [CIA The World Factbook]. However, because of the influence of communism of the last 70 years many Mongolians consider themselves atheists.
  • Mongolia has a high rate of literacy and over 64% of children move on to secondary education.

Service Focus

Service opportunities in Mongolia include:

  • Educators at all levels
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Agronomy/gardening
  • Community development/Micro-enterprise
  • Theological Education by Extension
  • Physical therapy for the disabled
  • Sports Education
  • Medical Research
  • Occupational Therapy

Prayer Focus

  • Pray for the Christians to develop strong unity.
  • Pray the young people that they would continue searching to find true spirituality.
  • Pray for good leadership training and discipleship in the churches.