Regional Profile

Cyprus is an island off the southern coast of Turkey. The Greek residents consider it a Greek island and in modern times it has been a British Colony. It is a divided land with Turkey having invading the northern part of the island in 1974. The south part of the island is Greek. Turkish, Greek and English are spoken on the island.

There continues to be tension between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots but talks recently have led to better communication with the two populations and travel restrictions being lifted. The Green Line is the line between the two parts of the island. Most visitors go to the south part of the island.

Turkish Cypriots tend to be Muslim and the Greeks tend to be Christian Greek Orthodox.

Tourism is important to the southern portion of the island but there is much less tourism to the north part.

Service Focus

Opportunities in Cyprus include:

  • Administration
  • Media development

Prayer Focus

  • Pray for vitality in the churches.
  • Pray the young people that they would find true spirituality.
  • Pray for continued reduction of tension between Greeks and Turks that more communication can take place.