Central Asia

Central Asia

Regional Profile

Central Asia is a group of countries which achieved independence from the USSR in late 1991.

Most areas are arid or mountainous and do not support a large populations. The 50 + million people continue to be in economic and social crisis. Rising immorality and alcoholism creates a sense of despair.

Large Russian minorities throughout each of the countries contain many Christians mostly from Orthodox Christian traditions. However, more indigenous fellowships are being planted. Historically Islamic before communism, many people are searching for spirituality and are also turning to Islam with many new mosques being built. Other new religions are also finding a following.

Service Focus

Opportunities in Central Asia include:

  • Educators both for expatriate children as well as local schools and universities
  • Partnering with other organizations to increase effective student work
  • English as a Foreign Language
  • Medical and Dental educators and practitioners
  • Nursing educators and practitioners
  • Community development
  • Business education
  • Youth work

Prayer Focus

  • Pray for the Christians to develop a strong sense of integrity so that they may be salt and light.
  • Pray the young people that they would continue searching to find true spirituality.