About Interserve USA

Interserve is one of the oldest international, interdenominational, overseas-focused agencies in existence. We began in 1852 in South Asia to care for the poor and marginalized in such a way that they could encounter Jesus and experience the life that He wanted for them. The vision God gave to our founders is still alive.

Jesus shapes our vision

By God’s grace, Jesus Christ has taken the first and foremost place in our hearts. Jesus shapes the way we see our world, and the way we see our place in the world.

We see brokenness and suffering in many places around the world. This is not surprising. After the fall, the human race quickly descended to a place where poverty and oppression abounded. Broken relationships, dashed expectations, lying, jealousy, manipulation, blame, shame, misogyny, murder and the like shaped the human experience. Jesus has shown us how this brokenness and suffering pains His heart and the Father’s heart.

Many in the world have never had the opportunity to discover that their lives can be different. Since this is the case, Jesus has asked us to go and work alongside our brothers and sisters so that they may have the opportunity to hear about Him and ascend, not only out of the abyss of poverty and oppression, but also into His holy and transforming presence.

Jesus motivates us, inspires us, and directs us. Out of our love for and devotion to Him we are willing to follow Him wherever He leads. Jesus often leads us to work in areas that are not easy. Many of these areas are underdeveloped. Some of these areas are conflict ridden and have been for years. Nonetheless, along with His leading He gives us the grace we need to willingly go to these places and do what needs to be done. We go so that He may be pleased.

Since Jesus came as a servant, we are servants as well.

Jesus shapes our mission

Jesus’ incarnation shapes the way we live. We seek to live in communities for extended periods of time, learning their languages and adapting to their cultures while letting them experience the difference that the presence of the Lord makes in our lives.

Jesus’ cross shapes the way we work. We work in areas where we do not have the power to control events and make things happen. Nonetheless, Jesus uses our lives, our work, and our relationships. Through these He enables us to be living expressions of His love and truth, directing people to Himself. They change and flourish as they encounter and follow Him.

Jesus’ resurrection shapes our confidence. By following Jesus we change the way tomorrow looks for these individuals, for their communities, and for the world.