Month: March 2020

Covid-19 and Our Partners

Covid-19 has turned the world topsy-turvy. We wanted to share with you this note from our Executive Director answering questions you might have:  What about Interserve Partners overseas? Here’s some of what we’re hearing: “My program is quite busy preparing for responding to the pandemic.  The ‘wave’ hasn’t hit yet. For now I still will…

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Note from the field

My housemate and I have taken leadership of the strategic initiative to “open additional pathways of care for those with mental and emotional health needs.” The gap in care for people with mental health needs is huge—a recent study in this country showed up to 95% of those needing care do not get it. Among…

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I could never do it alone

This contribution comes from a friend who prefers to remain anonymous. I have visited and lived in many places around the world, some safe and others not so safe.  It’s fair to say that this war-torn country is not a tourist destination, and when you mention that you live here in conversation, no matter what…

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