Join us for Interserve’s Summer Conference

Every summer Interserve hosts a weekend conference in New England. It’s a special gathering of Partners home for the summer, people praying about going abroad, and Interserve alumni and friends. The weekend mixes worship times with updates from the field, workshops, and plenary sessions. Over meals and during prayer times, we forge friendships with those who share God’s heart for the world. We hope this year you’ll join us!

We’ll be meeting July 28-30 at Camp Pinnacle, just 20 minutes west of Albany. You can come as a day guest or plan to spend the night. The conference is kid-friendly and we provide supervised activities for children during our main sessions.

Plenary Sessions with Barbara Yandell

Just like athletes have to be balanced, poised, and ready to respond, the body of Christ has to be watchful and ready, prioritizing the Great Commission. As the vigilant, beautiful global Church anticipating Jesus’ return, what should our posture be? Explore with us how to guard our hearts, the flock, and what the Apostle Paul calls “the Good Deposit.”

Barbara Yandell is founder and president of Hope for the Nations, Perspectives Instructor, Chairperson of Legacy Ministries, Interserve mobilizer and trainer, and an ordained minister in the Reformed Church of America.

Workshops and forums 

  • Intercession through chanting the Psalms
  • Safekeeping one’s children and family (by a Partner serving in South Asia)
  • Risk and security in God’s work (by a Partner serving in the Middle East)
  • Being spiritually vigilant to accomplish God’s purpose (by a Partner serving in South Asia)
  • Befriending refugees and immigrants (by a Partner reaching out to refugees)
  • Special reports from Central and South Asia (by Partners just arriving home)


Sessions begin with dinner at 5:30 PM Friday night and continue through Sunday lunch.

For prices and registration, click here.