Weaving Ourselves into The Beloved

We, as followers of Christ, have a way of storying ourselves to others in order to describe who we are. We story ourselves in this way: We are broken, flawed, imperfect, on a journey. Even our cultural icons who are not following Christ story … [Read more...]

The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Many are wondering how our governments should respond to the refugee crisis. After the Paris attacks there is a growing fear of the possibility of acts of terror in our cities. This has caused some to feel like we should enhance our security by … [Read more...]

Our Beloved and His Story

I recently had the privilege of speaking at a conference. The attendees were overseas workers. This and the next three posts will be the messages that I gave. INTRODUCTION Thank you for this honor of sharing God’s Word with you all. Over the … [Read more...]


Many of us have been deceived. Our cultures teach us that real power is instantly demonstrable. Our notion of power is shaped by quick military victories, by bombs exploding, by sports teams winning in two hours, by business people getting things … [Read more...]

Touching the Unclean

Even though Paul referred to Christ’s followers as saints, at least in western cultures we shy away from using the word.  It is only used by those in high church traditions for those historic figures whom the Church deemed worthy of special … [Read more...]

Vital Statistics

Here are some vital statistics to think and pray about: In 1974, 87% of the world's population lived beyond the reach of having a near neighbor as a Christian. In 2014 86% of those around the globe who were Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu did not … [Read more...]

Why do we work where we do?

We in Interserve live and work in restricted access countries, areas of the world that are somewhat unstable in comparison to the USA. This causes us to live in areas where there is a potentially higher level of risk with regard to our personal … [Read more...]

Building Community: Don’t Judge (Matt. 7:1-12)

One of our core values in Interserve is building community. Building community in a fallen world with fallen people is sometimes challenging. People (not us of course) are not perfect. Well, Jesus understood the challenges we face and he wanted us … [Read more...]

Helping the earthquake victims in Nepal

Do you want to help the earthquake victims in Nepal? We partner with the United Mission to Nepal (UMN) and the UMN is set to help the victims. Donations can be made to UMN through Interserve. You can donate on our website (use the link below) or … [Read more...]

Power and Leadership: Imaging God in Our Communities

Years ago my friend's father gathered a group of men around him and groomed them so one of them could assume his role as pastor of the church when he retired. At his retirement he and the elders chose one of these men as pastor. Within a few years … [Read more...]